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 An Amazing Adventure

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PostSubject: An Amazing Adventure   Fri Aug 28, 2009 6:56 pm

After a long year of study, Hanan felt so exhausted. Thus, she was always wondering of how she could enjoy the summer. One day, while having lunch, her father, Joseph, said: "Why don't we go to the forest, tomorrow?"
"Oh! Are you sure of that?!" Hanan said surprisingly.
"Yes, my pretty, we need to enjoy ourselves and it's time to-and I would be glad. " He replied.

Hanan spent the whole day imagining how the trip could be... She heard her parents talking: "I wonder if they are talking about the trip", She asked herself. Somebody was walking near, she heard the sound. Soukaina had noticed the light on her daughter's room, then, she said in a voiced sound: "Sleep, Hanan,for being ready tomorrow, you know". Hanan put her head on the pillow.

It was the morning, Hanan woke up earlier than before. She was gathering the needs, then, she went to the veranda looking for her father who was cleaning the car.
"Good morning, daddy." Hanan said.
The father intuited what she was going to say;" Good morning, pretty.. Oh! It will take me only a minute and, then, I am ready." He replied smilingly.
"Ok, but, be quick, please.." She said with enthusiasm.
She went, after, to her mother;" Good morning, Mom," Hanan said actively.
"Good morning my beautiful daughter, how are you this morning? Um! I woke up early and I have prepared everything. So, come and help me.".
They carried the baggage together and put them in the car. Finally, the trip was starting.

" Thanks for the chance, dear.." The mother said.
" My happiness is to make both of you the happiest ones in the world, darling." The father replied.

Hanan was out of the discussion; the beauty of nature took her mind.. Hours later, they arrived. Her father took a rest, and her mother put out the baggage to prepare lunch. Hanan, on the other side, was thinking of having a short visit to discover and figure out this huge forest as she thought... She went slightly in order not to attract her parents' attention. She was moving from one side to another till she found herself lost in such a frightening forest... With very long trees and harmful plants. She tried coming back to her parents yet it was so hard and difficult to do. After a while of silence, she heard a slight voice which made her more and more afraid. Hanan's feet were trembling.. She saw a smooth cord, decorated with bright yellow and dark black; she wanted to go near because she had thought for a moment it was Tarzan's cord. It was a snake with hungry eyes; she run away to the hilt like a crazy girl; she became so tired, but the snake didn't, till the voice was no longer spread. She got her breath back and, then, she heard an explosion; it was the snake that was cut into two parts. She turned to find herself in front of a tall, and slim, nice lady who was carrying a sharp knife in her right hand.
" Who, who are you?" Hanan asked.
" I'm Tarzan's wife, are you fine?" The lady replied.
" Fine, thank you for your help." Hanan said.
" Not at all," she replied.
"Where is your famous husband?" Hanan asked.
" He is in the sea, and I am going there,too; now you have to go back to your parents, they would be so worrying about you." The lady replied.

Hanan arrived to her parents safely after an amazing adventure.

It was 7 o'clock in the morning, there was a knock on the door of Hanan's room.
" Hanan, Hanan wake up, it's time to go.." The Mom said.
She woke up quickly: " No, no Mom, I don't want to go there, it's so dangerous and harmful. I want to meet Tarzan, his heroine wife and also their courageous children.. of course they are! Please, Mom tell my father that I prefer to go to the sea."
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An Amazing Adventure
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