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 In Somebody's Memory

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Mohamed LAHRI

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PostSubject: In Somebody's Memory   Wed Aug 26, 2009 5:25 pm

After two months of vacation, schools and universities opened their doors again. As usual, some students were ready to start a new year of study, whreas others still wanted more time of joy. Mohamed was very happy to start studying after two months of hard work in his uncle's farm. He was dreaming a lot of studying at the university and finally his dream became real. He was very active since the beginning if the year; he always tried to take the intiative of every activity in the class, and his teachers appreciated that. Even he was a new student, Mohamed got many friends in a very short time; he was a social person with a sense of humour.

One day, Mohamed met one of his classmates in the cafeteria of the university. The duty of study encouraged them to talk in English. However, the talk was not limited only to study, but also they discussed personal matters.

Days passed. Mohamed and Samia got into a close relationship. Mohamed had a special feeling towards her, something that he didn't experience before. It was the same for Samia for it was her first time to experience such a feeling towards somebody. However, Mohamed was afraid of confessing that to her; he might lose her if he did as he thought-what he couldn't bear even to think about. Samia, in the other side, was in doubt; she didn't know what kind of feelings Mohamed had towards her. Thus, she decided to ask him.

"Mohamed, what do you consider me?"

Samia's question surprised him. However, he decided to tell her the truth, as usual, whatever it might cost him.

"It's time to tell you the secret I kept for long. I couldn't confess that before because I was afraid of losing you, but I cannot lie to you: I felt something strange inside me since we met for the first time; I thought it was un feu de paille but, in fact, I discovered it was not. This is the truth.".

Mohamed was anxious; he was afraid that the worse would happen. All in a sudden, Samia started screaming with excitement, what surprised him, and gave him a hug. Mohamed, then, deduced that it was an acceptance sign. They celebrated the day together, and during that they had given a pledge that they would be faithful to each other for the rest of their lives.

Once, and while being at home, Mohamed felt as he was a sinner; therefore, he sent a letter to his parents, narrating his story:

Dear parents,

Hope you're all doing great. I don't know what to say, but, you know, you are my parents and you should know everything about my life. I am engaged to a person; we have promised ourselves to be faithful to each other for the rest of our lives. I am asking for nothing, just wanna you know that no secrets between children and their parents.

Your son

Mohamed's parents were astounded by their son's letter. A letter that brought many changes to the family, where everyone had a private life. Ahmed and Meryem were thankful to God's great award; for this reason, they decided to help their son whatever the circumstances might be. They, then, sent a reply to Mohamed, who was waiting with little patience:

Dear son,

We're all fine and hope you are, too. We're really honourable to have a son like you. We're by your side all the time, just feel at ease. Send your friend a "HI", and keep working hard in your study.

Best regards
Your parents/A.M.

Mohamed couldn't believe his eyes. Ergo, he stood up quickly from his bed and called Samia, who also couldn't believe her ears. The next day, Mohamed was up bright and early, waiting his little skylark-as he used to call her-outside the campus. Minutes later, Samia arrrived. They went togther to the teashop and started talking about the letter and planning for their future.

A year after, Mohamed felt that samia's way of treating him had changed. He tried to pass over that, but he couldn't put up with it for long. Therefore, he decided to discuss the matter with her. After taking one of the courses, Mohamed called her out. Samia noticed that he was not in his mood:

"What's up?" she asked
"What was my sin to be treated this way?" replied he
"What do you mean?" She asked
"Your way of treating me has changed," said he
"I didn't understand," Samia said
"Nor I; I was worth to be cared of but now I am not. Please, be frank with me," Mohamed exclaimed
"The truth is that I got bored of our situation." confessed she
"You mean, you got bored of me?!" he questioned
"I don't know," said she
"So, who knows? And what about the others, didn't you get bored of them even you pass most of your time with them?" he asked her
"Those are my friends,"replied she
"And I ?" he said
"I don't know; I am leaving,"
"What?! Say it first and i would be the first one who's going to leave!" he demanded
"Bye," she concluded

Mohamed didn't know what to do then; he was very sad but angry in the same time. He sometimes thought of accepting the situation and leaving her forever; however, he couldn't believe that their relationship would end in that way. He finally decided to apologize and try to get his love back. Samia accepted his apology. Nevertheless, the situation didn't change.

One Wednesday, Mohamed received a call. It was from a friend called Leila, who asked him whether they could meet each other that afternoon. Mohamed was waiting her near the campus. Soon, Leila showed up with tears on her eyes. They went in together and had a seat in the cafeteria:

"How did it happen?!" asked Mohamed
"I don't know.. I once got to know a person; he was very kind to me; he helped me much in the difficult situations I passed through, you know. One day, he called me and asked me to meet him in a cafe. We spent the day together there till he suggested leaving. I then was sleepy. I don't know what happened after only when I found myself with him in his bed, but it was late then; I tried contacting him many times but no use..but the biggest problem is," replied Leila
"Don't tell me!!" he exclaimed
"..Yes,"said she
"Oh, my God!!" said he

Mohamed was taken aback by Leila's story. He didn't know how to help, but he had to do. The meeting ended by suggesting another one to think about possible solutions; before leaving, Mohamed promised her to do his best to solve her problem.

In his way home, Mohamed was still thinking of Leila's story. Suddenly, there were loud shoutings: somebody gave up the ghost!
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In Somebody's Memory
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